Hi! 🙂
I created OlyManifesto.com as a way to express my opinions, thoughts, travels, discoveries and many other things that I like to share with people…things that will help people hopefully, and things that might open some eyes…you don’t have to agree with everything I write…or anything for that matter, but you should agree with something and not just what gets shoved down your throat by the media, family and friends.

I am a lot of things…as the title says: SEO Expert, Humanitarian, Philosopher, and Jackass…but mostly Jackass! 🙂 If you can’t crack jokes about yourself, then you’re pretty sad!

I’ll break down the title:
SEO Expert – This is what I do for a living…I started out as a web designer over 11 years ago after I got into a motorcycle accident that left my right arm paralyzed. I was a bartender before that so I kind of had to reinvent myself.

After designing a website for a person they would ask how they could get ranked in search engines…back then it was just a matter of stuffing keywords and you were at the top. You can’t do that anymore…I’ve been doing it for 11 years now and have learned a lot about it and get good long term results…it’s on-going process though because things change and you have to keep up with the changes.

Humanitarian – This is just me being a good human being by helping people whenever I can. If I guy is standing at the end of a Freeway off-ramp and I have a buck, I’ll give it to him…it doesn’t matter if he’s pulling a scam, my intentions are in the right place. What’s that saying, what comes around goes around, so if that person is pulling a scam, I believe that will come to him/her in a negative way and it’s only a buck…remember, GREED KILLS!!!

Philosopher – I’m more of a self-proclaimed philosopher or arm chair philosopher…I tend to think a lot about different things, situations and the what ifs of life, i don’t have a degree in philosophy, but that makes no difference…it’s all for my own well being. If I’m doing something that I really shouldn’t be doing, knowing it is half the battle and then instead of dismissing it and shoving it down into the recesses of my soul, I’ll try to figure out why the hell I was doing it in the first place…and the same goes for a lot of external things that I encounter, that I’m not going to go into.

Jackass – This is pretty much cut and dry…number 1 it’s probably one of my favorite phrases and I love saying it. I’ve done some things and still do things that are very Jackassy…is that a word…it is for this purpose. You can ask anyone who knows me and they’ll probably concur that I can be a Jackass…but knowing it is half the battle. I will say that I believe I am a good Jackass…a decent Jackass and not a Jackass all the time.

Anyway…check out the different sections…I’m adding a Trader Joe’s section because I LOVE that fucking place! I go there almost everyday. Also check out my travel section..when it’s up 🙂

Anyway again…happy reading and leave comments.


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