ET Contact – CE5

This video is actually that of a
CE5, Close Encounter of The Fifth Kind, Human Initiated.

I was walking my dogs one night and I always stop at this one spot because it’s the darkest along our route and you can see the stars and planets really well. I was looking at the sky and then was about to leave when I saw 2 softly glowing objects, little spheres of light in a palm tree…I kept looking around it and behind it to see if there were any stars in the sky behind it or lights from one of the houses shining through the palm fronds, but there were no stars and no lights and there is an empty lot behind it. ET Spot DaytimeThis picture is of the palm tree…I stood in the same spot that I took the video in. The two objects were on the right side of the palm, actually in the palm fronds.

I didn’t see the two bright lights that are in the video when I decided to take it, I only asked that if they could receive my thoughts that they shine brightly because the camera on my phone doesn’t work well in the dark. When I looked at the video there they were brightly lit. If you look closely, you’ll see the two softly glowing lights brighten up a bit, so I’m not sure if these two bright ones were two more or if they were able to project two bright versions of themselves, or if all of these were probes from a ship?

I did see a huge triangular shaped craft in the sky, just north of Orion, while standing in that same spot about a month before…that’s another post though…
I did have another quick CE5 about a week ago. I was standing in front of the palm tree facing west and looking up. That’s when I saw a white orb passing by, heading north, so I quickly focused my attention on my thoughts and asked, "If you are receiving my thoughts, please give me a signal." As soon as I finished speaking, the craft gave me a big pulse of light, it then disappeared two seconds later.

You can believe this video or not, if you don’t, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true…there is nothing that could explain this away except that they are Light Beings…or that’s the form they presented themselves in anyway…watch the top light, a couple times it appears to change shape and flare out. The other light, when I pan to the left, was the moon. Right after that, you’ll see the softly glowing light beneath the bottom light.

I’m going to try and lighten the video up, so the palm tree is visible…also, I apologize for the jerky movement, my dogs were yanking at the leash and like I said, I couldn’t see the brightly lit beings while shooting the video. Digital cameras tend to be able to pic up light that is higher on the spectrum than we can see.


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