First Contact

I had a dream last night/this morning that was so incredibly real, that I remember, faces, sounds, color and the feelings I had during this entire thing…I was relieved when I awoke…relieved that I was safe in my bed and the things that were happening, weren’t actually happening…yet!? It has been with me all day and this feeling of impending doom…doom may be a bit to strong, but it fits…here it goes…

I was coming home from somewhere, in a car…I was actually parking and getting out and saw a bunch of people to my left standing in the street and all around all pointing at the same spot in the sky…I thought maybe there was a storm coming because there were dark gray clouds in the direction they were pointing…boy was there a storm coming!

I got in the house and was up on the 3rd floor…this was a weird thing, I was in the house I grew up in, in Boston…also I wasn’t on the side of the house that I lived in…it’s a two sided house, meaning one side has apartments and the other side, my side, is all connected. I was on the right side in the back part of the house, which faces west…I looked out the window and saw what everyone was looking at…it was a type of flying saucer…it was all metal and pretty big, because it wasn’t that close and I could still make out some of the details…it was round as a saucer should be and the top part which you think might have glass or something, was metal as well…the whole thing was brushed metal. On the body there were little round circles, evenly spaced all the way around…I didn’t see any lights.

The funny thing about “dreams”, this was more of a premonition than a dream, the funny thing about these things, is that they take pieces of other things and they skip around a bit and incorporate them into what’s happening at the time…in this case it was the house, it wasn’t completely the house I grew up in, but for the most part it was.

I remember the feeling of awe and amazement and excitement when I first saw the saucer floating there, then all of a sudden, there were a bunch of others whizzing over the house…and the sound they made…it’s hard to explain, but it was like the combined sounds of a fighter jet and a commercial jet as it flies overhead coming in for a landing. There was a red and white one that stands out in my mind, I believe the rest were metallic like the first, but shaped differently, they were more teardrop shaped and had windows that went all the way around in one piece and they had a metal roof. I got the feeling that the beings flying them weren’t incredibly much more advanced than us…what made me feel that way, was the sound that their spacecraft made…I guess I expected all of them to be silent like the first one. There were also a couple of bi-planes that were going in the same direction only very fast and almost making the same noise, there were also fighter jets chasing after everything…it then skipped slightly ahead…now that I think of it, that first one probably was from a highly advanced civilization…of what, I don’t know…but they didn’t like us or our new alien brothers and sisters…

All of a sudden, there were people on the fire escape looking in through the windows…I hit the deck and hid under a table but my legs were sticking out so I couldn’t hide completely…I laid completely still. The person, yes they turned out to be humans or humanoid beings that were flying the spacecraft…I don’t know where they landed and I’m not sure how they got on the fire escape…maybe their rides were hovering over the house and they came down or beamed down, but they couldn’t get in and I remember the person who I think was in charge saying, “Well, looks like this will be our headquarters” or something to that effect…I digress, the person looking in, was tall and skinny, had light brown shoulder length hair, and had a scruffy face like he hadn’t shaved in a few days…he kind of looked like the white man’s version of “Jesus”…it skipped ahead…

It turns out, that the person I thought was in charge, was…he was some sort of general or something, but he was young, was a bit shorter than me and stocky…he had semi-long dark brown hair and a round head. He was wearing all black, his jacket had leather patches coming down in front starting at the shoulders, but it didn’t cover the entire front, the leather was about 4 inches wide…I remember him saying something like: “When I started this resistance…”, that was the word that scared me…resistance…then it skipped ahead and gets kind of blurry here, we were running for cover and hiding, fighting…then it skipped ahead to a part that was very clear, I seemed to be looking down at what was happening, I was high above the ground, I think under that first metallic ship or one like it…I’m not sure how I was staying up there…maybe I had turned to light at that point??? This ship was emitting some sort of beam that was shooting straight down and blowing up very large sections of the buildings and houses below…by large sections, I mean, many city blocks…squared! Huge square sections of the ground below were completely being turned to rubble…

I’ve been trying to relate this to anything that is going on in my life right now, but nothing really fits…the only thing I can think of is all the shit happening in the US right now…what’s even weirder for the last few days I’ve been feeling like something really big is going to happen soon, these two things could be related or the feelings I’ve been having may have caused the vision…I really hope it’s not a premonition, because there was nothing good about it except for the fact that we now know we’re not alone, I can’t really say if the feelings I’ve been having for the past few days are good or bad, it seems to be right down the middle…oh, another interesting thing, my arm was totally fine.

Has anyone else been having weird dreams/visions or been having weird feelings??


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