Perfect Ass!

I just saw the most perfect ass ever!! I thought my friend Nancy Valencia had the most beautiful and perfect ass in the world…but this girl is giving her competition! I think Nancy is still #1, but this girl is definitely a close second!

If you saw either one you would agree regardless of your gender! Your jaw would drop if you saw Nancy’s butt!!!

I had just got my coffee as I do every morning at the Coffee Bean on Lake in Pasadena, and I was at the first light when you’re going south in the turn lane. I was making a left turn so I could bang a u-turn and go home…she was standing on the corner waiting for something…I drove past and made my u-turn and then saw that perfect bum!! OMG!! Everything about it was absolutely perfect…the size, the shape…it wasn’t too big…it had that perfect roundness to it…I guess it might be called an apple bottom…it was really beyond description!

Anyway…I had to share…I only wish I got a picture! Nancy Valencia, if you happen to come across this…you’re still #1! Send a message! 🙂


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