Cleaning Cat Hair

I was vacuuming cat hair from the floor with a mini-vac and my cat, Underfoot was laying close by and I thought…why not go right to the source. I went up to him and started vacuuming him…much to my surprise, he liked it…he is pretty mellow though and doesn’t get scared that easily.

I think he likes it because everything is about him (in his mind), so when I started “petting” him with the vacuum, he didn’t mind a little noise.

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Breast Cancer, FDA, Our Poison Government

My sister is a breast cancer survivor…after having a Mastectomy, I’m sure she feels a bit less of a woman…I couldn’t really say because I have no idea what she’s gone through. I had a motorcycle accident that left my right arm paralyzed, and I know what that did to me psychologically, but I still can’t imagine what she’s gone through.

As a society we put so much importance on a woman’s breasts, as if they make up who she is…so to lose one to a disease that I’m sure will be taken out soon (the sooner the FDA is taken out, then the sooner we’ll have a cure…for everything!), must be completely de-humanizing.

I often wonder how it is that we can go through life as a country thinking that we need to hide the bodies that “God” has given us…how is it that something so beautiful has become so negative. The rest of the planet laughs at us for wanting to cover up our bodies…(except for those other freaks who make their women walk several paces behind them and make them cover up their entire bodies…women are a commodity to them, not human…insert religion here)we’re ok with showing someone’s head getting completely blown off in movies and in video games, but to show a breast…OMG, that’s a sin…call the police, we have indecent exposure…what!!!??? So by calling it indecent, we’re saying that the human body is indecent and a woman’s breasts are the “devil’s” work…and indirectly saying that “God”, the creator of the human body, is indecent!!?? Does anyone think that all this negative energy put on the naked body could be part of the problem? Could all this negative energy be manifesting itself into breast cancer and other diseases.

We cover our bodies as if they are some hideous thing that should never see the light of day…all this brainwashing, I think, is carried over from the the whole Adam and Eve story. Religion plays a part in all the problems on the planet. If we were to WAKE UP and realize that it’s a controlling device, really look at it and see that it is in fact, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”…the keyword being Story (of course I’m referring to one religion in particular here)…if you believe that there actually was an Adam and Eve and that we all come from them, then we are all related…literally, and we come from an incestuous family.

Time to wake up everyone…do away with religion…you only need to Be a Good Human Being…be good to everyone you meet, do the right thing…always, stop perpetuating the negativity that religion is…our society will grow by leaps and bounds when that happens.
Second, do away with the FDA, the AMA and any other organization that holds back vital information that would help humanity as a whole, just so they can watch their bank accounts grow…these people “need killing” as the saying goes…that would go right along with the Eye for an Eye theme from that book that so many lost souls follow.

An example of how greedy the FDA, AMA, Big Pharma and all the others are: There’s a medication that I take for my arm (Lyrica) that the manufacturer has a patent on…just because of that, they charge $160 for a bottle, of course I don’t have medical insurance because I can’t afford it and because my arm is the way it is, no insurance company will take me on…I can’t buy generic because the patent hasn’t expired…so until that happens, Pfizer is going to RAPE the public. I found this while researching the drug:

“Lyrica is one of four drugs which a subsidiary of Pfizer in 2009 pleaded guilty to misbranding “with the intent to defraud or mislead”. Pfizer agreed to pay $2.3 billion (£1.4 billion) in settlement, and entered a corporate integrity agreement. Pfizer illegally promoted the drugs and caused false claims to be submitted to government healthcare programs for uses that were not medically accepted.”

Can you believe that fucking bullshit!!! I read things like that and I can feel my blood pressure SKY-ROCKET…and of course, there’s a drug for that too…I understand why people go “postal”…I’m a few letters short of going postal myself…the difference is, the people I would take out would be the people who cause all the misery in the first place, not the innocent people who have to work for these douchebags just so they can afford health insurance, but most likely they can’t even afford that so it would be to afford the drugs these companies peddle! These constantly do illegal things like this, yet are still allowed to be in business…and the FDA and AMA are in cahoots with them!!

What does this have to do with breast cancer? EVERYTHING!! These greedy bastards aren’t going to let a cure out when there is too much money to be made in the drugs that will help treat it…they don’t care about you, your breast cancer or all the lives they destroy…they care about one thing and that is, how to take your money from you!!

Don’t be ashamed of your bodies…there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR IT…demand that medical care be provided in this country…I can hear all the brainwashed people who give in to fear mongering: “If we provide medical care, we’ll be communist”…demand that the FDA be dismantled…we may have been the greatest country in the World at one time, but we are FAR from that now! We are that little kid who just hit puberty and who’s never had to do anything for themselves their entire life, yet they still think they know what’s best for everyone and everything!!

All these idiots out there keep touting, less government, yet they keep voting in the people who are all about more government, lining their pockets and playing on the fears of the idiots who voted them in, in the first place!


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Natural High Blood Pressure Cure

I was just reading an article on a Natural High Blood Pressure Cure by Louis J. Ignarro, PhD. He writes about his discovery of a natural way to reduce high Blood Pressure…no more High Blood Pressure medicine.

He won the Nobel Prize for this and why haven’t we heard of it!!?? Because GREEDY pharmaceutical companies will lose too much money and so will all the Doctors who do heart surgery to unclog arteries.

You can download the PDF article Nobel Prize Winner’s Breakthrough – Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke with Nitric Oxide from his site, or from here…I downloaded it and uploaded to my server…it’s safe, but make sure you scan it with your virus scanner…always scan downloads!!
Here’s the download from my site: Natural High Blood Pressure Cure

This a GREAT example of how money rules all and comes before our health and safety!!
They just don’t give a shit about your clogged arteries…they just want you to buy their drugs!

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My Indoor Garden

These are a few pics of my indoor garden. Sometimes I’ll just throw things in dirt to see what happens. It’s easier than a lot of people think. The pics below are of a Red Bell Pepper plant, Green Onions (Scallions), Garlic and a Beef Steak Tomato plant.

The Red Bell Peppers I started by just throwing seeds from a Red Bell Peeper in a pot of dirt I used for just that…throwing seeds in. The pic of the Green Onions and garlic are the same thing only not from seed. What I did was take the ends of of green onions I bought at the market…you know how they have the roots on them already, well all you have to do is cut the ends off like you normally would and stick them in dirt. Don’t totally cover them, just push them in so the roots are in and you can still see the top and then they’ll start to grow.

Same for the Garlic; all I did was take a clove of garlic from the head of garlic, that I bought from the store, and stick it in dirt. As you can see it’s doing the same thing…it’s the one in the middle My place has a lot of light so that helps…if you live in a dark apartment, put your pots close to the window or in the window sill.

The tomato plant isn’t from seed but it is from the 99 cents store; It’s a "Beef Steak Tomato" …Hmmm, I wonder if vegetarians can eat this type of tomato since it has beef in the title? 😉
It was almost dead and about 6 inches tall when I bought it, now it’s about 5 feet.

Remember not to over water the plants…they’ll tell you when they need it…if the leaves look droopy, they’re telling you they need water, but you can also keep an eye on the soil…if it looks dry, then it’s probably a good idea to water them. Give them the love they need and they’ll grow well!

The pic of the orchid is a cool one…there’s a whole other plant growing out of the top of the first and it’s blooming…this the third time this orchid has bloomed, so remember, when the flowers fall off, the orchid isn’t dead so don’t throw it away…it will flower again, just don’t over water it. If re-potting, buy orchid bark or the orchid soil and they’ll love you for it.

All the pics below were taken recently, except the tomato…I ate that bad boy last month! 🙂

Good Luck!!

Red Bell Peppers From Seed

Green Onion (Scallions) and Garlic Clove

Tomato Plant From The 99 Cents Store

The Tomato From The Plant

Orchid Growing Out of An Orchid

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Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture”: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

This is a video that was done by Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon…it was done for their Last Lecture Series…the premise behind that is: What would you tell your students if this was your Last Lecture because you were going to die? Well, Randy Pausch was dying at the time this video was made and has since passed away.

In my opinion he has NAILED life on the head…by that I mean he has expressed how life is truly meant to be lived…he was brought up well and had wise parents…I’ve always said…"it’s all parenting".

Sometimes it takes a near death experience or in his case and eminent death experience to make us see what he is talking about in this video! This guy has/had strong character, and even in death, which most of us shy away from, I think he knew that it really wasn’t the end…he’s left this behind for the world to see and hear…it’s a very simple concept, yet it seems so hard for a lot of people to comprehend!

This is the condensed version of Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture from the Oprah show

This is Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture presented at Carnegie Mellon. Total running time: 1:16:27

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Last year some time a friend of mine sent me an invite to join…so I did…what a scam WooMe is…they’re not even subtle about it either…it’s just such a blatant scam I had to post about it!

Here’s why I know it’s a scam:

  • I get a lot of emails
  • I get a lot of emails, only when I’m logged onto the site
  • All are from young girls who would normally not give me the time of day
  • You have to pay to see any of the messages from these hotties

I know if I joined, the messages would stop coming instantly! This isn’t an isolated incident either! ALL DATING SITES ARE SCAMS and have fake profiles, pay good looking girls to send messages to non-paying members, so they’ll put up the cash to be able to communicate with these "women", I’m sure they also have an automated system that sends messages from these fake profiles to the non-paying members!

You might be saying, he probably has fallen for these tactics…I’m not embarrassed to say, YES, I have when I first started joining these types of sites…also another thing fucked up about sites like these is that they’re full of women from Russia trying to get a green card, or women from Africa, who are just there for work buying gold or antiques or whose parents were both killed in a car accident and need help to pay for their sibling’s education and food…I’m proud to say I’ve never fallen for that one, or the Russian lies. is such a blatant scam though, it boggles my mind how they can still be allowed to be online!! I hope you’re reading this before you decide to join, the biggest online dating scam I’ve found to date!!

As a side note, there are actually a few real people on some of these sites, but not many it seems!!

Another reason why I know they’re scams though is because an old boss told me he had a dating site and that he was doing exactly what I’m saying here…especially adding fake profiles to the site in order to get guys to join!

So when thinking about joining any online dating site, be wary…because all online dating sites are scams to some degree…some more than others!!

Response To Veronica’s Comment by Admin:
(See Veronica’s comment in comment section) is full of fake profiles, that either are programmed to send messages to non-paying members so they’ll join or you actually have employees sending messages to non-paying members. Don’t feel bad though, Woome isn’t the only site that does this…all Online Dating Sites do the same thing! Who would join a site that has no members? I know this to be true because I’ve had owners of dating sites tell me that when they started, 100% of the profiles were fake.

Woome is in good company though, because, does it, eHarmony does it…and eHarmony is the biggest scam, because not only do they do the same bullshit as everyone else, they charge three times what any other dating site charge to join…and they justify it by saying they’ve scientifically created these compatibility questions or whatever they’re calling it…but the questions are so generic that they can’t possibly match people up correctly. They just have a good marketing team, that’s all! The have their "Free Guided Communication Weeks" which is the biggest scam of all. They lead you to believe that you’ll be able to communicate with other people on the site…but that’s where the "Guided Communication" comes in. If someone sends you a message and you’re not a paying member, the only thing you can do is answer the questions they’ve sent you…and then you’re supposed to send them 5 questions from a list of ridiculous "scientifically chosen" questions…you can’t see the pictures of anyone on the site unless you’re a paying member…you can’t do anything but answer those dumb fucking questions!

eHarmony has done something scientific alright and that was figuring out how to suck you in and then take advantage of your loneliness, love, and or your need for human contact (is my projection showing) and then take your money. Yes, I did join the site a couple years ago, but found that the people on there, like on all dating sites, fill out their profiles according to the fantasy of who they are in their heads..more so on eHarmony though. If people don’t tell the truth in their profiles, then you could have absolutely the best dating site ever and it wouldn’t make a difference.

But I "digest" (it’s in quotes for a reason)

All dating sites have either fake profiles, cam girls looking to extract your credit card number, Russian girls looking to get a green card, girls in Ghana, whose parents were both killed in a car accident and they just need a little help to pay for their baby sibling’s, that they now have to take care of, schooling and food…or they went to Ghana for a job because they’re originally from Ohio, and their boss paid them in money orders that they can’t cash in the country that they’re in so you have to do it for them…so many scams, so many hopeful people that sites like take advantage of…it’s actually pretty disgusting…and trust me, I don’t get disgusted…ever!

What can be done though…nothing! The world will always have douche bags looking to get over on someone, or looking for anyway to screw people out of their money…sites like,, and all the others should be heavily regulated, so that it’s not that easy to start one up!!

I wouldn’t worry if I were you Woome, because the world is FULL of lonely, hopeful people for you to take advantage of, and there’s absolutely no chance that sites like yours will ever be regulated, so I think you’ll be in business for a while!

On the other side of the coin…there are legitimate profiles on the these sites, created by intelligent people who aren’t afraid of the truth…they are few and far in between though…unfortunately!

A good friend of mine recently got married from someone he met on a dating site…I’ll refrain to say which because I don’t want to give them a plug…it wasn’t Woome, I will say that much. This sort of thing is very rare though…it’s a one in a million sort of thing…although sites like and eHarmony would have you believe otherwise.

Have you ever noticed that eHarmony has built their whole ad campaign around that one couple!!?? Why do you think that is…because they like them!? It’s because they don’t have anyone else…they may be an actual couple that met on the site and are still together but, they’re also most likely one of the only couples taht got married from the site…also if you’ll pay attention to their commercials, you’ll see that the date that the people they show were all matched or got married on the same day…ooops…whoever put the information together for their commercial forgot to put in different dates for the different couples…I think they’ve caught on to that and fixed it though…but they were running the commercial for a while with the same date…and at one time I seem to remember all the guys having the same name…my point is, Woome, eHarmony, Match and all the others are scams…they have even created different sites to try and nab the people who are onto their scam!!

The moral of the story is: Buyer Beware!!

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Atlas Area

I just stumbled upon an article that spoke about an area in the upper spine, the Atlas Area, located at the C1 vertebrae area where the spine connects to the skull, that supposedly controls or has a lot to do with our health. It’s been said to cure hypertension and high blood pressure because "This activates the self-healing and harmonizing processes within the individual."

You can see pics and read more about it on this site: I’m not affiliated with them in anyway, they have good pics of the area which is why I’m linking to them.

If you’re having trouble with high blood pressure or hypertension, or have headaches maybe you should check this out, go to an acupuncturist or massage therapist…what do you have to lose!!

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O Grill 3000 Portable Gas Grill

I just bought an O-Grill 3000 Portable Gas Barbecue Grill
O Grill

The O-Grill...The O Stands Fore Oly! 🙂

after seeing one of neighbors using her’s! This thing is AWESOME! It uses those little Coleman Propane cylinders for fuel so you’re getting a clean burning BBQ.
It looks like a little flying saucer when it’s closed:
These are great for tail-gating or if you just wanted to cook a couple steaks in the park! When I saw my neighbor’s I immediately asked her what it was and she lifted it up and she was BBQing chicken and had a potato cooking on there as well.

It’s small enough to carry with you everywhere and it has enough space on the grill to cook an entire meal…you can grill a steak, potato and veggies all at the same also has fold out legs!

I LOVE my O-Grill 3000!
(The O stands for Oly 🙂

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Hot Penny Stocks

Hot Penny Stocks are awesome when you get to them at the right moment…you know the old adage, "Buy Low, Sell High!"…well when you get a hot penny stock, this is pretty easy to do!

I’m not a stock broker, or professional trader by any means, I’ve simply been dabbling in penny stocks for a few years. I think the "secret" is to buy in large quantities…that’s just common sense really…if you’ve passed 3rd grade math or know how to use a calculator, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

When I first started doing this, I was hooked…because you can make money pretty easily and it’s fun! On the other side of the coin, you can lose a lot of money if you get in over your head or start doing things that you shouldn’t. Here’s a good example of that: When I first started doing this, I was able to get a margin account…that was a mistake! For those of you who don’t know what a margin account is, it’s when your brokerage will allow you to buy stocks even though you don’t have money in the account.

I was buying what I thought were hot penny stocks thinking I would turn around and sell them right away when they went up a little…that can work, but you have to be very careful…the idea behind that was to buy a stock, sell it, and make a profit without actually ever spending a cent…that goes on all the time only on much larger scales and is is probably one of the reasons why this country is so screwed right now…but I digress…I recently started buying a few penny stocks and have been doing ok…no margin account this time!

The other day I was thinking if I made X number of trades a day that made X amount of money, I could make an ok living, or have a nice extra chunk of change coming in every month. I think I’ll try it out see how it works out.

The stock doesn’t even have to be doing that well for it to work either. For instance, if you find a stock with a price of .002 and buy a million shares ($2,000) and it goes up a couple ticks to .005, you’ve made $3,000…that is of course if you’re able to sell at that price. What you can do is put the sell order in right after you purchase it and set it for "Good Until Cancelled"…again, I AM NOT A STOCK BROKER AND HAVE NO AFFILIATIONS WITH ANY BROKERAGE FIRMS except for my own personal accounts…I just have the sack to take the risks…if you don’t, I would stay away from penny stocks, also if you CAN’T AFFORD to lose the money you’re putting into your penny stocks, DO NOT play this game.

I like penny stocks because you don’t need to put a lot in to make a profit…here’s the thing. You do a couple and come out ahead, then you have more to put on the next one and so on…sometimes you can even do it with the same stock if it fluctuates enough.

Also if you can find penny stocks in an industry that you like, it makes it a lot more fun. I’ve been looking and finding in the "Green Chip" sector…those are penny stocks that are from companies that are environmentally friendly. Like ENERGY FOCUS, INC. symbol EFOI, they make LED lighting which is replacing the old standard light bulbs because they last longer and are much more efficient. There are several companies out there that are doing this and getting contracts from the military and other huge industries like that.

KOPN is another (Kopin Corp), I just sold the shares I had with them, I should have waited a couple more days because it’s still going up…I bought that one at $2.93 and now it’s up around $3.70…I sold it because I just found another sleeper penny stock that for some reason started to move…I wish I knew about it at the beginning of August when it was under .01…the stock is CNCG (CONCIERGE TECHS INC), it’s around .025 right now…I hope it keeps moving the way it has over the last few weeks.

Another one is SIVC (S3 INVESTMENT CO INC)…this one is trading at .0002 right now…it’s a weird one, so buy at your own risk…but it has been moving from .0002 to .0005, back and forth over the last few weeks, so I think someone is making money…this one is like that example I gave above.

Like anything, there are a lot of cons out there too, so be careful and do your research…at least a little to find out if the company is legit!

Anyway…good luck, happy trading, I hope you make a ton of money!!

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Four Days In October

Four Days In October looks AWESOME! A must see for all Sox fans…Red Sox, the ONLY Sox!!!
This is about the 2004 come back against the scumbag New York Yankees
Four Days In October Premieres October 5th at 8pm on ESPN!

Check out the trailer…it gave me chills!!:

If you’re a Red Sox fan, you won’t wan’t to miss this, set your DVR’s. Even if you’re not a Sox fan, watch and witness the greatest event in sports history!!

The Yankees Suck!!!

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