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Last year some time a friend of mine sent me an invite to join WooMee.com…so I did…what a scam WooMe is…they’re not even subtle about it either…it’s just such a blatant scam I had to post about it!

Here’s why I know it’s a scam:

  • I get a lot of emails
  • I get a lot of emails, only when I’m logged onto the site
  • All are from young girls who would normally not give me the time of day
  • You have to pay to see any of the messages from these hotties

I know if I joined, the messages would stop coming instantly! This isn’t an isolated incident either! ALL DATING SITES ARE SCAMS and have fake profiles, pay good looking girls to send messages to non-paying members, so they’ll put up the cash to be able to communicate with these "women", I’m sure they also have an automated system that sends messages from these fake profiles to the non-paying members!

You might be saying, he probably has fallen for these tactics…I’m not embarrassed to say, YES, I have when I first started joining these types of sites…also another thing fucked up about sites like these is that they’re full of women from Russia trying to get a green card, or women from Africa, who are just there for work buying gold or antiques or whose parents were both killed in a car accident and need help to pay for their sibling’s education and food…I’m proud to say I’ve never fallen for that one, or the Russian lies.

WooMe.com is such a blatant scam though, it boggles my mind how they can still be allowed to be online!! I hope you’re reading this before you decide to join WooMee.com, the biggest online dating scam I’ve found to date!!

As a side note, there are actually a few real people on some of these sites, but not many it seems!!

Another reason why I know they’re scams though is because an old boss told me he had a dating site and that he was doing exactly what I’m saying here…especially adding fake profiles to the site in order to get guys to join!

So when thinking about joining any online dating site, be wary…because all online dating sites are scams to some degree…some more than others!!

Response To Veronica’s Comment by Admin:
(See Veronica’s comment in comment section)

Woome.com is full of fake profiles, that either are programmed to send messages to non-paying members so they’ll join or you actually have employees sending messages to non-paying members. Don’t feel bad though, Woome isn’t the only site that does this…all Online Dating Sites do the same thing! Who would join a site that has no members? I know this to be true because I’ve had owners of dating sites tell me that when they started, 100% of the profiles were fake.

Woome is in good company though, because Match.com, does it, eHarmony does it…and eHarmony is the biggest scam, because not only do they do the same bullshit as everyone else, they charge three times what any other dating site charge to join…and they justify it by saying they’ve scientifically created these compatibility questions or whatever they’re calling it…but the questions are so generic that they can’t possibly match people up correctly. They just have a good marketing team, that’s all! The have their "Free Guided Communication Weeks" which is the biggest scam of all. They lead you to believe that you’ll be able to communicate with other people on the site…but that’s where the "Guided Communication" comes in. If someone sends you a message and you’re not a paying member, the only thing you can do is answer the questions they’ve sent you…and then you’re supposed to send them 5 questions from a list of ridiculous "scientifically chosen" questions…you can’t see the pictures of anyone on the site unless you’re a paying member…you can’t do anything but answer those dumb fucking questions!

eHarmony has done something scientific alright and that was figuring out how to suck you in and then take advantage of your loneliness, love, and or your need for human contact (is my projection showing) and then take your money. Yes, I did join the site a couple years ago, but found that the people on there, like on all dating sites, fill out their profiles according to the fantasy of who they are in their heads..more so on eHarmony though. If people don’t tell the truth in their profiles, then you could have absolutely the best dating site ever and it wouldn’t make a difference.

But I "digest" (it’s in quotes for a reason)

All dating sites have either fake profiles, cam girls looking to extract your credit card number, Russian girls looking to get a green card, girls in Ghana, whose parents were both killed in a car accident and they just need a little help to pay for their baby sibling’s, that they now have to take care of, schooling and food…or they went to Ghana for a job because they’re originally from Ohio, and their boss paid them in money orders that they can’t cash in the country that they’re in so you have to do it for them…so many scams, so many hopeful people that sites like Woome.com take advantage of…it’s actually pretty disgusting…and trust me, I don’t get disgusted…ever!

What can be done though…nothing! The world will always have douche bags looking to get over on someone, or looking for anyway to screw people out of their money…sites like Woome.com, Match.com, eHarmoney.com and all the others should be heavily regulated, so that it’s not that easy to start one up!!

I wouldn’t worry if I were you Woome, because the world is FULL of lonely, hopeful people for you to take advantage of, and there’s absolutely no chance that sites like yours will ever be regulated, so I think you’ll be in business for a while!

On the other side of the coin…there are legitimate profiles on the these sites, created by intelligent people who aren’t afraid of the truth…they are few and far in between though…unfortunately!

A good friend of mine recently got married from someone he met on a dating site…I’ll refrain to say which because I don’t want to give them a plug…it wasn’t Woome, I will say that much. This sort of thing is very rare though…it’s a one in a million sort of thing…although sites like Match.com and eHarmony would have you believe otherwise.

Have you ever noticed that eHarmony has built their whole ad campaign around that one couple!!?? Why do you think that is…because they like them!? It’s because they don’t have anyone else…they may be an actual couple that met on the site and are still together but, they’re also most likely one of the only couples taht got married from the site…also if you’ll pay attention to their commercials, you’ll see that the date that the people they show were all matched or got married on the same day…ooops…whoever put the information together for their commercial forgot to put in different dates for the different couples…I think they’ve caught on to that and fixed it though…but they were running the commercial for a while with the same date…and at one time I seem to remember all the guys having the same name…my point is, Woome, eHarmony, Match and all the others are scams…they have even created different sites to try and nab the people who are onto their scam!!

The moral of the story is: Buyer Beware!!


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2 Responses to WooMee.com Scam

  1. Alan says:

    Veronica is all over the net to do PR work for Woome. But it is a scam. If it wasn’t they would give you a week or even 3 days to try it out for free. They don’t want to so they get your money upfront and don’t deliver…

  2. Veronica says:

    Hey there,

    I understand your exasperation with spammers, an issue we work very hard at eliminating completely in order to provide our users with a fun, unhindered experience.

    If you have any other questions or comments, please submit a help ticket to communicate with our team directly. We are committed to making your experience a good one!

    Veronica, Team WooMe

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