Belize Howler Monkeys

I’ve been going to Belize these past couple of years to a clients eco lodge which is in the jungle. Their website is The place is pretty awesome.

Check out the recording of the Howler Monkeys. they would go off almost every night…it was an amazing thing to hear…if you’ve never heard a Howler Monkey before, they probably don’t sound like you imagine they would. They sound like some pre-historic animal…or what we would imagine a pre-historic animal would sound like…think “Land Of The Lost”.

There were different “tribes” on both sides of the Moho River, the lodge is right on the river, you could hear the tribe across the river and then the tribe on my side. The were very close to my cabana.

One of the cabanas at CottonTree Lodge Belize

One of the cabanas at CottonTree Lodge Belize

There is a cabana that is right in the jungle and you can actually see the Monkeys from your balcony that faces into the jungle.

As one friend put it: “They sound like the guards at hell’s gate probably would”, (I’m paraphrasing)

Anyway, turn up your speakers.

If you’re going to go down there and don’t have your passport yet and need to get it in a hurry, what I did is call the Passport office and find out what had to be done. If you make an appointment with 2 weeks of your travel date, you can then go down and get it in time…that usually requires getting up early to stand in a line…there are services that will do it for you as well like: or These are both connected but will work.

CheapoAir usually has great fares…that’s who I used the last time I went down when I recorded the Howler Monkeys…try their Last Minute Airfare Deals, a lot of times you’ll get fares for seats that haven’t sold yet.


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  1. admin says:

    What keyword did you search?
    Glad you enjoyed the post, that was taken this past March at CottontreeLodge

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  3. admin says:

    Every time I listen to it, American Werewolf in London comes to mind…that’s probably the sound they used for the werewolves on the moors.

  4. admin says:

    It would make a great setting for a horror movie…lost in the jungle, then hearing those…man, they sound freaky!

  5. ryan angell says:

    That sound they make is freaky. I think I would have felt like I was on the set of a horror movie.

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