San Pancho Nayarit Mexico – San Francisco Nayarit Mexico, Paradise Found

San Pancho Nayarit Mexico and San Francisco Nayarit Mexico, yes, are one and the same! Pancho is the nickname for Francisco in Spanish, so on maps you’ll see San Francisco, but down here you’ll see San Pancho and everyone says San Pancho…there is, however, a sign on the carretera that says San Francisco right before the entrance of town.
I’m finally settling in…all my phones are working, but Skype seems to be the way to go…I can talk and work on the computer at the same time using Skype…I have a built-in MIC on my laptop as most do, so I don’t have to wear an ear-piece or head-set like I do with my phone. I had a conference call this morning on Skype and it went well…the sound is awesome…much better than my phone. It sounded as if the two people I was speaking with were in the room with me!
It looks like the slow season is starting now, even though the weather is still perfect until about the end of May…it’s starting to get hotter, but the sky is clear and the beach is right around the corner from my pad.San Pancho Mexico Semana Santa just ended, which kind of signifies the end of the "High Season"…there were a lot of tourists in town from Guadalajara…mostly hippies, that didn’t give a shit about anything except getting drunk and making noise. Semana Santa is like the Spring Break for Mexico, but I think also has something to do with the religious aspect of this time of year…ie: Easter…but I don’t think any of these people knew anything about that, because on Easter Sunday, they were all still cruising around town with their 40’s of Pacifico in hand and not one looked as if they had gone to "Easter mass", which was a pleasant surprise for me seeing as how Mexico is mostly Catholic…so even though they were a bunch of hippies, they must’ve been educated hippies, hippies that had the capability to think for themselves…to an extent! Anyway…

San Pancho is now, as my friend Fernando referred to it as, a "Pueblo Fantasma", in English: Ghost Town.
It sucks for all the businesses in town, but one of the reasons I moved here is because it’s so quiet and peaceful…a lot of the businesses close down for the first few days of the week and then open for the weekend…some close for the whole "low-season". Baja Takeria is going to close for the "low-season"…this is a bummer, because they have the best smoked Marlin you will ever have anywhere!! The other thing they have that is an absolute Culinary Climax is the Shrimp Meztaneo(sp?)…holy shit those are good!! I’m going to buy a shitload of them and stick them in my freezer to hold me through the "low-season".
They have a family recipe for the sauce that makes them so good…of course it’s secret, as it should be! I’m waiting for them to package it and sell it!!
It is getting warmer here, and with warmer weather comes more bikinis…if you like that sort of thing…and I do! One of the things I’ve noticed here is that the women are so beautiful, whether in bikinis or not! They all seem to have these stunning smiles that are bright and emit a ray of positive love and energy. Everyone is so happy and friendly here as well…why wouldn’t they be, they live here!!
I’m planning on staying here until I’m not…huh? At some point I may go further south…and there’s so much of Mexico that I want to explore…places like Tulum, which is near Chichén Itzá, Mayan Ruins…Tulum also has Mayan Ruins…I think I have to be closer to my brethren on my birthday this year! So when the mother ship comes, I’ll be first inline…right behind me will be Fernando and Humberto…all three of us have the same birthday, which happens to be on the Winter Solstice and the last day of the Mayan calendar!! jejejeje
Until next time…
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