Whah Happeen!?

Some of you may have been asking "Whah Happeen" to my blog…I have no farging idea! I was sitting at Cafe Arte talking with some friends and got on the subject of Howler Monkeys…my friends had never heard them before, so I went to look up the page from here that has a the recording of Howler Monkeys from Belize and it showed up as a 404 error in Google…I thought maybe because I was using my phone, something screwy happened.

I got home and just checked and not only that was a 404, but every page except the homepage was going to 404!!! What The Fuck!! I then updated to WordPress 3.3.1 and it fixed whatever the problem was…but the damage has been done…every fucking page has been dropped from the index!!

Before when I posted anything it got indexed within seconds, but now since I didn’t find this problem for who knows how long, they may have booted me from the root index!!…we’ll see what happens!

For those of you who are technically retarded, a 404 error is the error a server serves up when a page on a website is called, but cannot be found: 404 Error – Page Not Found.

p.s. The title of this post was inspired by my friend Kassandra…she’s learning English and "Whah Happeen" is one of her favorite things to say…she uses it for every situation, but knows it’s incorrect, which makes it cute and funny! If Angels exist, she is what they must look like, as she has "The Face of an Angel"! 🙂 If any Angels are reading this, don’t hate!

She uses these in order: “Oh My God, Whah Happeen, Well, Ya Know…”, (her "Oh My God" is said in perfect "Valley Girl")Maybe it’s her own little slight on the way Americans butcher the English language…Pretty funny! Before I get any comments from any foreigners about that last part…Americans may butcher it, but you completely DESTROY it!


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